Train Driver Visit

"This is an outstanding school." (Ofsted)

Train Driver Visit

We have been looking at all different types of transport and vehicles in our class and today we had a very special visitor. Jade came to talk to us about her job as a train driver! She wore her very smart uniform that she wears while she is driving the trains. Jade had brought tickets for the children so that they could see what they look like and everyone was allowed to take a ticket home with them.

Jade showed us a special torch that she uses to shine on the track to let other trains know if they have to stop or if they can go.

The children knew that a red light would mean 'Stop' and that a green light would mean 'Go'.

We all took turns to hold the torch and press the button to make the green light shine. To keep safe Jade has to wear a special bright orange jacket if she needs to go near the track and she had brought that to show us too.

Finally some of the children had thought of questions to ask Jade and they were very confident to stand up and ask their questions which were written on train shaped paper.

Thank you very much for visiting us train driver Jade!


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