Family Support Team

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Family Support Team

Jade Tyler

Hello I’m Jade Tyler the Family Support Worker based at Ganneys Meadow Nursery School but I also work within the Woodchurch community.

At Ganneys we are working closely with Early Childhood services to offer families advice, guidance and support when needed.

My role is diverse and I’m lucky to work in a community that focuses on the development of their children and families. I am able to offer support where needed but also work closely with: Emma our School Readiness Worker, professionals at Ganneys Meadow and other agencies within the Woodchurch community.

I have been lucky enough to work with families for around 10 years now in various roles and been able to accessing training and development to enhance my own skills to share. Working with families in Early years is the core aspect of my development as a professional but also as a future parent myself. Working together enables us to learn from families about what can work and what doesn’t work and by working collaboratively we can support the learning and development of children.

Through working together with Early Childhood service here at Ganneys we are able to offer home learning support, groups, advice and guidance, 1:1 direct support and also training opportunities for parents.

If you feel that you may need advice or guidance, please feel free to email or call me on the following:

0151 677 9255 or email me directly

Emma Carney

Hi, I’m Emma Carney the School Readiness Worker.

“School readiness” can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s about ensuring all children have opportunities to develop their communication skills, emotional & physical development and are ready to learn. 

It’s a diverse role where no two days are the same!

I have the pleasure of working with the families & staff at Ganneys Meadow Nursery School and the wider Woodchurch community.

My role involves developing and delivering sessions for families with children under five years such as Baby Massage, Baby Play, Rhyme Time, Stay & Play & Messy Play here at Ganneys.  I continue this support in the family home, helping parents to strengthen the skills they have already and promote a positive learning environment at home.

I also work with the Nursery team to engage families and provide services to promote children’s learning and development with a particular focus on communication & language.

I work alongside a range of professionals, therefore, I am able to signpost and refer into a range of their services; some of these include Family Support, Health Visitors, Speech and language Therapists, Portage and Koala North West. 

I know from first-hand experience that parenting is a difficult job and most parents at some point will benefit from additional support.

If you feel that you may need advice or guidance, please feel free to email or call me on the following:

0151 677 9255 or email me directly


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