Releasing Butterflies

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Releasing Butterflies

On Monday we were so excited to release our butterflies! We have been taking care of them in our class since they were tiny caterpillars, and we have observed their whole life cycle.

When they arrived they were so small that we could hardly see them, and they munched away on the special food that was at the bottom of their pot. They grew bigger and bigger until they were ready to move to the top of their pot and begin the process of spinning their chrysalis.

We could see them hanging at the top of their pot and we moved them very carefully into their net ready for when they emerged from their chrysalides.

After about 10 days we saw the butterflies begin to make their way out of their chrysalis, and one even came out during our circle time, so that all of the children could see the process!

We made sure that the butterflies had plenty to eat when they emerged and put fruit as well as a nectar solution in the net for them.

On Monday we invited our mums and dads to come to our garden (in a socially distanced way) to watch the butterflies be released and this was very exciting. The butterflies did not fly away straight away but sat on the ground and in a tree before flying off.

This really has provided awe and wonder for the children and they have loved this experience.


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