Marigold Class

"This is an outstanding school." (Ofsted)

Marigold Class

Marigold Class is for children who are three years old. We have up to 10 children per session and two members of highly experienced staff. Most children attend for either 5 morning or afternoon sessions. Some children stay with us for full days and at lunch time they are supported by familiar adults and encouraged to eat a healthy packed lunch or a hot meal provided by school for a small charge. These meals are varied and provide a balanced nutritional meal, including favourites such as a roast dinner, chicken curry and fish and chips. We also cater for children who may have specific dietary requirements, please speak to us directly if this applies to you.

Children have access to an inviting and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environment where they can choose to play with a wide range of high quality resources. We offer fun and educational activities through continuous provision, and children are encouraged to be as independent as possible in accessing these activities. They are encouraged to self-select activities and tidy up when they have finished. We reinforce this by using our whole school approach of Choose it, use it, put it away.  Adults in the room support and encourage the children in their work and play; recognising times to extend and challenge them and turn these experiences into learning opportunities. We also plan adult led learning which is delivered in small sessions throughout the day. We enjoy lots of sensory play, including exploring materials like dry pasta, lentils, shaving foam and jelly. There are frequent opportunities to explore sand, water, playdough and to develop their creative and mark making with paints, chalks and other materials. 

The door is often open offering access to our own outdoor learning environment. This enables children to choose where they want to work and outside they can explore the mud kitchen, balancing equipment, our reading area, musical instruments and many more exciting opportunities. We also access the large garden area where the children can enjoy the climbing frame, large outdoor sandpit and bikes.

We have our own bathroom that offers privacy and encourages the children to be independent in toileting and hand washing. Changing facilities are also available if your child is not yet ready to be toilet trained and we can also offer support with this.

Marigold class offers lots of interesting and fun activities in a smaller environment.


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