Daisy Class

"This is an outstanding school." (Ofsted)

Daisy Class

Welcome to our Foundation One class, Daisy Room. Our class offers 15 hours teacher led provision to children who are 3 and 4 years old. Children can attend every weekday morning from 8.30 – 11.30am or every weekday afternoon from 12 – 3.00pm.

In Daisy room we have a calm neutral environment which is influenced by our commitment to “Communication Friendly Spaces”. As far as possible we try to ensure that our teaching resources are made from natural materials and limit the amount of bright colours and plastic in the learning environment. Resources are chosen to promote discussion and the children’s communication skills.  The classroom offers a wide variety of continuous provision activities for the children to access throughout the school day, including books in the reading corner, paint and modelling in the creative area, building with wooden blocks in the construction area, developing our fine motor skills at the tinker table, dramatic role play, and exploring different media in the water play and malleable area.

We are extremely lucky in Daisy room to have access to the outdoors straight from our class and we use this as an extension of the learning environment. In the garden there are opportunities for climbing and sliding on our climbing equipment, as well as exploring the water on the viaduct, digging in our planters, developing our role play and dexterity in the mud kitchen as well as developing our creativity in the enormous sand pit.

When the children arrive at school for their session they register themselves by finding their name and putting it on the board before we have a period of ‘child initiated play’, when they can choose from different activities around the classroom. This is an important part of the day as the children develop their relationships with the other children and develop their social skills through turn taking and building their friendships.

Next we have our ‘circle time’ when the monitor for the day will ring the bell to indicate that it is time to move to the carpet area. The children leave their self chosen activities and move to the adult led input when we sing songs together, count the children, find the day of the week and look at what we are going to do that day on our visual timetable. This is when we will often introduce our ‘core story’ and activities linked to this or to an area of particular interest to the children. The children are shown the skills needed to listen attentively so that we can begin to introduce letter sounds and number.

The children will then have a period of time when they are encouraged to join in with learning activities in the class as well as outside in the garden. During this time there will be activities which are led by adults as well as some that the children can access independently. Also during this time, interventions such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy will take place as well as visits from other health professionals.

During both the morning and afternoon sessions, the children are given a healthy snack of fruit and either milk or water. This is a great opportunity to try different, less familiar flavours. The children sit at the table with their key person in a small group for this and the adult encourages conversation between the children as they eat and drink. The key person is a member of staff who works with all of the children in the class, but has a special group of children who they sit with every day.

After the children have eaten, they all help to tidy up the class room, before we all move back to the carpet area for a story and song time. The monitor for the day will then choose the children who can get their coats and bags ready to go home.

We hope that this has given you an insight into our class and look forward to seeing you in the near future.


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